3rd Grade Bibles

Each fall at Lord of Life t
hird graders receive their own copy of The Adventure Bible, New International Version. It has been designed especially for ages 8-12 and is easy to use and understand. Third grade Bibles are distributed on Reformation Weekend, the last weekend of October during all worship services. 124 Bibles were presented to third graders on the weekend of October 24/25, 2014!

Want to know more about the third grade Bible presentation?
hird graders report to Fellowship Hall at their usual Church School time and their parents go to worship and save a place for them. Third graders enter the sanctuary as a group and their parents are asked to join them at the altar and stand behind them. Parents are given a Bible to present to their child, fulfilling the promise made at baptism to place the Scripture in their hands. The pastor gives a brief talk and students return to their seats with their parents. If you are unable to attend services that weekend, your child will receive his or her Bible during their next Church School class.

Third graders (and all Church School children) use Bibles each week in Church School.

Explore the Bible with your child. Show your child any Bibles that you have. Do you have a family Bible, or one that you had as a child? Share your favorite verse, Psalm or story.

Bible Learning Event
Third graders (and their parents) can sometimes be puzzled about how to use the Bible. We can help! The Bible Learning Event introduces you and your child to God’s Word, the Holy Bible! Learn about the Bible and discover how to find things in your Bible. 

The event occurs prior to the presentation of Bibles during Church School, in October. Children and parents/guardians are encouraged to attend with their child for this milestone! Parents and children usually attend at the time the child is registered for Church School.

Did you miss this year's Bible Learning Event? After your child receives his or her Bible, explore the Bible by following these easy steps. All you will need are a few sticky notes (Post-its) and a Sharpie marker or pen. You are going to 'tab' your Bible as you find books of poetry, the law, history, and more!

But my 3rd grader is not registered for Church School! How does she get a Bible? Please just let us know which Bible Learning Event and which worship service you would like to attend. Students need not be registered in Church School in order to receive a Bible.

If you have questions, please contact Lynn Leisen at lynnl@lordoflife.org or 7
63.420.5015 x107.