Quotes from Inspired Images card recipients

"We wish we could be there to attend the meeting (referring to Prayer Shawl Ministry celebration) and express in words all the good blessing the the program has given us with the cards and remembrances."
- prayer shawl recipient who is awaiting a liver transplant

"The cards you have sent to me with verses have helped shape my faith into a comfort to rely upon. When I get home from a long day at work and see yet another card with an important message from God it makes a huge difference. I tape them on the wall next to the calendar where I put important remembrances for my life."
- prayer shawl recipient

"I have all the cards that you have sent on my desk as a daily reminder of God's love and that others are praying for me."
- prayer shawl recipient

"I appreciate your prayers and the ongoing kindness that is shown in the cards I receive."
- prayer shawl recipient

"In addition to Tom Tipton's hymns of healing, veterans received handmade patriotic greeting cards from Lord of Life¹s Inspired Images ministry. The cards were a huge hit and brought messages of hope and thanks from our grateful congregation."
- Steve Solmonson