Mission Tanzania Update 1 - June 16 



Travel update -

We arrived at the MSP Airport at 9 am (3 1/2 hours from our departure). 24 bags to check in. Full to just under 50 lbs each, with items from many generous donors at Lord of Life and the community of faith. We had to do a little reshuffling to ensure we were under the 50 lb. limit. I gave each of the team members a bag of treats from an "anonymous" donor at Lord of Life, along with the journals for this year's pilgrimage to Ifuwa Parish.

By 11 am, we had all of our bags checked in. Goodbyes were said and hugs were given, along with some tears. We took our official group photo. Lucy Rodvik said a prayer as the entire group with family and friends held hands in prayer. Off to security for us

Joyce and I sat down to catch up on the sim card for my phone and how the international plan would work in TZ. We gathered in the gate area at 11:30 and I read the sending prayer that was given to me by Dee Onan, who traveled with us in 2007. Bibi Dee was with us in prayer.

Last-minute items wrapped up, and we boarded our flight for Dulles. Our flight to DC went well. We moved to the new gate for our overnight flight to Zurich, Switzerland.

Amani na Upendo! Bwana asifiwe

Day 1 complete. Thank you, Marty