World Mission Prayer League

The purpose of World Mission Prayer League is to pray as a Lutheran community for the evangelization of the world and provide financial support for missionary laborers around the world. This is a great chance to pray as a community for the work of missionary laborers serving in various parts of the world and also have one-on-one communication with them through writing letters or e-mail. To learn more, please contact Greg and Cheryl Myhr at 763-424-3537 or Or visit

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Craig and Kristi Thomas share a deep concern for neglected children, a love for teaching, a commitment to unreached peoples, and a passion that people should know Jesus.


Craig and Kristi were approved as WMPL Candidates in August 2006. Their candidacy period included participation in Briefing Course (WMPL’s annual orientation program held each year in June), the Perspectives in the World Christian Movement course (sponsored by the U.S. Center for World Mission), one year at Trinity Lutheran College (missions training) in Ussaquah, WA, and volunteer ministry at the Hospitality Center for Chinese in St. Paul, MN. This summer they completed the introductory linguistics course offered by the Summer Institute of Linguistics in Grand Forks, N.D., as well as an online TESL certification course (while studying Chinese in their spare time!).


Prior to their candidacy, Craig worked as a Spanish teacher and a youth ministries director, and he volunteered in a variety of roles in his church. Kristi worked as a church office administrator and youth worker. She also volunteered as a VBS teacher, Sunday school teacher, Bible study leader, and in a variety of other roles.


Craig and Kristi sense the Lord calling them to long-term service in East Asia, and they will serve on loan from the Prayer League to a partner organization in East Asia. They are currently pursuing a visa to teach English at an agricultural college for the first year and then hope to pursue a year of formal language study in the capital city of their host country.


Praying as a Community
by Cheryl Myhr
Over fifteen years ago, my husband Greg and I were introduced to Chuck Lindquist, General Director of the World Mission Prayer League (WMPL), at a Greater Outreach Fair at Lord of Life. Both Greg and I grew up in Lutheran congregations that were deeply rooted in support of missionaries abroad and thus were intrigued by the unique and truly awesome philosophy of mission work that was the World Mission Prayer League. WMPL is not just a Lutheran missionary-sending organization, but also most importantly a community of praying friends from across the country and around the world. WMPL is committed to some very basic ideas; prayer, simplicity, community and sharing the wonderful love of Jesus. This praying ‘league’ is a community of men and women now over 6000 strong, committed to prayer as a key methodology for advancing the Gospel of Christ. Prayer is the working method of their mission. 

Chuck sparked our interest in this unique combination of prayer and spreading the Gospel around the world. We have been involved ever since. It is truly empowering to pray as part of such a large community with people from the US, Canada and seventeen other countries around the world.

Ernest Weinhardt, WMPL’s first Prayer League missionary to Bolivia in 1938, described WMPL this way, “Prayer is our working method." He explains it this way “Is there a need for laborers? We pray. Do we have a need for money, for government permits, for transportation, for equipment, for anything? We pray. We know no other way to meet the situation.” Weinhardt meant that WMPL has chosen to “know no other way to meet the situation.” And he gives us his reasoning: “Prayer takes our eyes off circumstances, off appearances and focuses them fully upon the Lord of the harvest. He alone has the answers. He alone has the resources.”  Prayer factors God into the equation. WMPL is committed to pray as Jesus commands his followers in Matthew 9:38, ‘ Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.’

If you would like to experience this great “power of prayer” we urge you to become a WMPL Prayer Partner. It’s easy, just contact WMPL at and fill out the simple pledge to pray. Prayer Partners are kept informed about Prayer League missionaries' work through a free monthly newsletter. The WMPL headquarters is located in Minneapolis at 232 Clifton Avenue. Other opportunities to pray as a community of believers includes a daily prayer group at 10 am and a Tuesday Prayer Group at 6:30 pm at their Minneapolis headquarters.

Greg and I welcome you to join us and other Lord of Life Prayer Partners in this amazing testimonial to the power of prayer.